Your Life Depends On It

Modern history is marked by astounding leaps forward in medicine and health science. But those breakthroughs don't do us any good if you don't understand them. Your Life Depends On It with Dr. Dave Schneider and host Mark Steele serves a single mission: to present the astounding and complicated intricacies of modern health in a manner that makes sense. The sort of sense that you want to make a part of your daily life.

Your Life Depends On It features its resident expert Dr. Dave Schneider, M.D., a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and author of The Invention of Surgery on Pegasus Books. Dr. Schneider has served as team physician for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Dodgers and is one of the most sought after total shoulder and total elbow replacement surgeons in the world. Dr. Schneider’s resume could go on for pages, but what matters most is that he remains curious and fascinated by the innovations in science and health, medicine and what they mean for better living.